What is MNUSHI?

It’s incredibly simple but very deep!

MNUSHI (Meditative Natural Unique Somatic Healing Interaction) was created by Alexey Skipper, as a way to bring people back to themselves, to consciousness, to the body. Via the Body the intuition awakens and we accept the world and other people in a new way.

Speech is not involved in this activity, which is international, is very human and meditative. We have not found anything like this, because MNUSHI is not about massage, but about the possibility to feel via the heart. Its results are amazing; even after one session people become more graceful, quiet, relaxed. That is the point – to get back to yourself and see the surrounding world with a new outlook.

The practice is equally useful for both sides – those who give, and those who receive. Everyone switches partners, so everyone gives and receives.

This practice involves elements of Thai yoga massage, pulsing, Sufi and other techniques. We are promoting MNUSHI as a kind of family practice, but know that it is really for everyone – children, adults, pregnant women, the elderly – anyone who has a living body! MNUSHI is eco-friendly and easy on the body, as participants are dressed lightly and comfortably.

The skills, you acquire during the master class are easy to remember and can be used immediately. For many people it’s a path to a new profession. For everybody it is an experience of being in the present moment, in one’s body, and in contact with oneself and others.